Could we change the demo/default Bahmni username?

Hi community!

We often demonstrate Bahmni features to potential clients and partners using the official online demo or a minimal demo server on our own, based on the default database.

Either we share screen during the meeting or advise the users to log in by themselves.

In both cases we share the default credentials and I feel that saying to log in as ‘superman’ does not sound really professional :smile: . That is never a deal breaker or anything of course but still it would be better to have a ‘admin’ user instead (or something similar).

What do you guys think? Would it be possible to change this is the next release?

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It may look like a detail but it really is not. Would anyone see any downside in moving ‘superman’ → ‘admin’?

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Well, “superman” was my most significant contribution! (it was supposed to be humorous!)

Superman is not same as “admin”. “admin” user is not a provider. We wanted a user who would be provider and would have all rights.

Why not just create another user for your instances or in demo with same rights as “superman”. that should be easy, right?

@angshuonline yes I thought it could be you :smiley: ! It is actually humorous in many contexts.

Just to explain my point: I am guessing that from a TW perspective, showing a client a fun login name such as superman is not quite a problem, quite the opposite, it probably adds value (big company but still relaxed working environment). Your professionalism can never be challenged anyway.

Though for us smaller implementers, with less references, we want to make sure that we are perceived serious and professional on every point.

Our clients are often small organizations for which USD 10k+ represents a big investment and they want to make sure they select the right system and the right provider. So when it happens that we refer them to the online demo or we are opening a ‘dev’ environment with the default database to show a feature and we say that the login is superman, it is always a bit weird. Most of the time, people are not really laughing but it rather puts a weird silence around the table just for moment - we feel the need to explain that this is the default credentials.

Anyway now we have better delivery platforms and we can easily distribute the SQL query to update the default superman username upon server creation. Still, when referred to the official online demo, we’ll have to tell to use ‘superman’.

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I understand Romain. We can change it.

We can’t change it to “admin” as admin is not a provider, and we don’t want to be using the “admin” user from openmrs. Would something like “master” or “superuser” be ok?

Also, we can only do it in the “default-config”.

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Is there any disadvantage of changing from superman to admin for the online demo? Or is it simply lack of time to do it? :slight_smile:

Lack of time is one thing. but I think its more than that.

“superman” is a provider and usually the default setup has all permissions for it. We wouldn’t want to encourage usage of “admin” a system level user of OpenMRS to be used as a provider. In Bahmni, “admin” is not a provider.

Also the “admin” user has a password which the world knows and never changes. First thing we say on installation is changing the password of the “admin” user (and “superman” user if started from default-config). (btw, there are places in openmrs, where “admin” user password is shown in free text) . “admin” user is also used for subsystem synchronization. Hence I would not recommend changing the admin user credentials, because then there are many places we have to change the credentials.

So, the next step would be for @mksrom to propose a different username to replace “superman” (and it can’t be “admin”).

Any ideas?

Some ideas:

  • ‘clinician’
  • ‘clientadmin’
  • ‘provider’

For the record here are the current usernames out of the box:

| username       |
| admin          |
| daemon         |
| Lab Manager    |
| superman       |
| Lab System     |
| Billing System |
| automation     |
| yogesh         |
| suhas          |
| varsha         |
| suresh         |
| reports-user   |
| regone         |
| regtwo         |
| regthree       |
| docone         |
| doctwo         |
| docthree       |
| nurseone       |
| nursetwo       |
| nursethree     |
| reportone      |
| reporttwo      |
| reportthree    |
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We and the clients are very much used to “superman” username during trainings and demos. Can we not replace it but add a new one?

We can certainly keep ‘superman’ anyway, but stop advertising it. A clone with the same privileges is good enough for sure.

I agree with Pramida and Angshu on the suggestion to not replace but add a new one. Some suggestions :

  • bahmniadmin
  • administrator
  • superuser
  • demouser

thanks @arjun. we now have few names that we can pick. I personally like bahmniadmin.

Here is a poll with all the choices mentioned for anyone who’d like to vote.

What should be the Bahmni EMR demo username?

  • clinician
  • bahmni
  • clientadmin
  • provider
  • bahmniadmin
  • administrator
  • superuser
  • demouser
  • Other… (add your propositions in the thread)

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@arjun’s suggestions made me think that simply ‘bahmni’ is a great username. And I wish we could have a simple set of credentials such as ‘bahmni’/‘password’ working all across Bahmni (EMR, ERP, LIS… etc).

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I also seem to like the username bahmni :slight_smile:

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