could not able to generate OMOD in XDS sender module due to dependency issues


I could not able to generate OMOD for XDS sender module. I tried using the command “mvn clean package” , but it says unable to resolve dependency(unknown host) . I had attached the error screenshot for reference. Can anyone help on resolving this issue?

Git url: GitHub - IsantePlus/openmrs-module-xds-sender: XDS Sender Module

Did you resolve this?

Still facing the same issue… I tried getting the lab integration jar but that jar does not have some classes which is required to compile and build this module… So still facing the issue

the XDS has some breaking tests that we will fix soon,for a mean time you can try to build the .omod using mvn -DskipTests clean install

@herbert24 when I tried to build OMOD, I am facing issues with dependencies… So before it hit the tests itself, I was facing dependency issues in xds sender module