Cote d'Ivoire has join the community

Hi all, OpenMRS Cote d’Ivoire TWG is happy to join this great community. OpenMRS is currently running over more than 300 health facilities and will soon turn from OpenMRS 1.9.8 to OpenMRS 2.3.2 and hope the community will support with the coming migration

Regard Cote d’Ivoire OpenMRS TWG


Thanks for getting here @gtthmis and we will be around to help support the migration process

Welcome here @gtthmis.

Can you provide more details about the scope that Côte d’Ivoire’s HMIS intends to support?

P.S. Are you aware of this:


Bienvenue a notre communaute, @gtthmis!

Here are a few great resources to help you become more familiar with:

Check out our Welcome! Please introduce yourself thread to meet other newcomers.

And Talk is a great place for asking questions: there’s usually someone ready to help you with the answer.

@gtthmis This is exciting news! Thanks for posting.

Can you explain more about where OpenMRS is used? Hospitals and/or Health Centers? Which clinical areas? Public or private health facilities?

Partners In Health works in Maryland County (Liberia) where we have used OpenMRS RefApp since 2015. Since we share a border with Côte d’Ivoire, it would be great to collaborate and learn from this TWG. Would it be possible for some of our Liberian team to join the TWG for a meeting? Is the meeting in French?



FYI @tom30