[Coreapps] Introduce Immunization Widget in coreapps to display Immunizations captured

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Hello Everyone,

As part of our project we are working along with OpenMRS Microfrontend Community and FHIR community to introduce Immunization as a Resources.

As of now following has been our approach:

  • Introduce new FHIR Immounization Resource Endpoint which will save the data as as obs for now. The obs will by stored using CIEL concepts for Immunization. Please refer to this thread for more information on the exact conepts.

  • We will developing an Immunization widget in Microfrontend Community, which will be used to enter new immunizations.

We want to show the captured immunizations for patients in the reference app clinical dashboard. We were thinking of developing a new widget which would show the details in below fashion:

The above shows the immunizations given to the patient along with the dose info and the date of vaccination. Clicking on the top right arrow would redirect to the MF immunization widget(Configurable).

Let us know your thoughts.

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Would it be configured in the same way as these ones? https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Patient+Summary+Widget+Documentation

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Thanks @mddubey. However I was wondering, can’t we do that with the ‘obsacrossencounter’ widget? Do we need a new widget for this?

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Hello @dkayiwa, We are planning to keep it similar to the other widgets as much as possible. However since the original idea is to store immunization using CIEL concepts we are planning to show this using CIEL concepts only. We will look for the possibility to have a configuration to replace them by Non-CIEL concepts.

Hello @mksd, After having a quick look at obsacross encounter we found out that it shows the obs groups captured in one encounter. However for the immunization the requirement is to show all the obs(Dose details, ImmunizationDate) for one vaccine together.

Another reason is the doses information in obs might be just stored as just a number and not really as Dose/Booster information. The obsacrossencounter will just show the number since it is quite generic. While we can follow conventions in immunization simlar to MF UI to show it as Dose/Booster.

Let me know your thoughts.

@mddubey You can have multiple concepts in obs across encounters e.g., viral load all releated data elements from UgandaEMR

Hello @ssmusoke,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, the widgets shows multiple concepts in different columns, but as we understand correctly it does that based on encounter date. I.E. the obs captured in one encounter would be shown in one row and so on.

However, We want to show the the immunization doses which happened across encounters together.

For example in the screenshot added in the question, the doses for the immunizations have been given in below order:

20-Feb-2019 => BioThrax => Does-1 
12-May-2019 => Daptacel => Does-1 
12-May-2019 => Rabavert => Does-1
25-Aug-2019 => BioThrax => Does-2
12-Sep-2019 => Daptacel => Does-2
25-May-2019 => BioThrax => Booster 1

If we understand correctly, the obsacrossencounter will show the data in the same order and format as above. However what we want is to show all the doses of a particular vaccine together. Something like data from all the obsgroup having answer as a particular vaccine should come together.

Happy to know if it is possible to do in obsacrossencounter.

CC: @mksd

@mddubey Interesting, there is no support for custom sorting in the data not sure how you would achieve that, so maybe you could first create the widget then see how similar it is or whether the changes are too custom to be incorporated

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@ssmusoke, Thanks for your reply. Sure we can take that approach.

I have created a card here for the same.(https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-1791)

The overall tech stratgy for fetching the details is yet to finialized and depends upon the server side implementation. But we will start working on the mockup with mock data.

Let us know if there are any concerns.

CC: @dkayiwa @mksd @ssmusoke @mogoodrich @vasanth2019