coreapps fail to build after watching and making changes

I am working on ticket RA-1527 picking up from PR 158 and these are the steps I am following

  1. fork coreapps module
  2. clone
  3. add remote upstream
  4. fetch all
  5. fetch the code as per the PR
  6. branch
  7. mvn clean install
  8. deploy the module
  9. watch the module on the server I created
  10. Edit the section I want to edit (age and gender filters)
  11. run the server When I run the server I get an error .

What could be the problem that is making me fail to progress. :slight_smile:

cc @tendomart @dkayiwa @k.joseph @ssmusoke

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Please post the complete stack trace from the server restart, you must be having an error before the coreapps one.

What version of Reference App are u running

I am running RA 2.8.1

You also need to share the actual server side log.

I would suggest that you upgrade to 2.9.0-SNAPSHOT as I noticed some commits with updated dependencies

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Ok let me do that and run again

@irenyak1 hope thereโ€™s progress now.

yes @tendomart, thanks

Great to hear that.