Core: Requesting 1.10.5 and 1.11.8 releases.

Hi all, hi @dkayiwa,

Thanks for merging TRUNK-5077. We now need to release Core 1.10.5 and Core 1.11.8. How is the release process working for “older” branches such as 1.10.x and 1.11.x? Who is the release manager?

@mksd I can help with 1.11.8 but not sure about 1.10.x - do you really need to go that far back?

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@mksd you can always become a release manager. :slight_smile:

VDUI supports compatibility down to the 1.10 family, and I will need 1.10.5 to build it because of TRUNK-5077.

We got down to 1.10 in order for PIH to potentially use it. @mogoodrich / @mseaton, did you ever look at it, is it of any use to you guys? If not, then we could drop this and depend on Core 1.11.8. A bit of a pity since the compatibility work has been done already…

Hi @ssmusoke, I would like te rebound on your offer! :slight_smile: Actually could we do this: we connect on IRC at a given time and while you take me through your process of releasing 1.11.8 I would release (while learning) 1.10.5 at the same time?

I have Bamboo credentials already, do I need anything else from helpdesk?

Actually… I just played around with Bamboo and I believe that it’s done :slight_smile:

And everything seems to look fine on the respective branches on GitHub, the tags are created… etc.

Though you still have a few more things to do. Just take a look at the section under maintenance releases on this page

Ok going through the releases notes procedure now, just did 1.10.5, could you have a look?

I can build the standalone, however I don’t have any credentials for SourceForge.

I started from a copy of the releases notes for 1.10.4 where it stated that Rest Web Servces 2.13 was a bundled module. I haven’t done anything regarding bundling REST WS, not sure if this remark still holds or not. How do I figure out the version of the ‘bundled’ REST WS?

@dkayiwa, I’ll need your help pushing the standalone for 1.10.5 and 1.11.8 to SourceForge. After which I will update the download links at the bottom of both wiki pages.

Last thing, I don’t know why the new release notes appear at the bottom of the menu list in Confluence:

@mksd Excellent job - apologies for not helping Mondays are generally chaotic and random for me

@mksd do you mean help in getting sourceforge permissions?

Apologies for the late response. We aren’t currently using it, though we may still in the future, but I wouldn’t ask for any extra work to be done for it at this point–though it sounds like you managed to get 1.10.5 released? We will probably upgrade to that regardless, so thanks for doing that!

Take care, Mark

@raff, is SourceForge still the place where to deploy the latest standalone releases? And if not, then where?