Core: erroneous locale 'kh', what to do now?

Hi all,

There is a in Core (here) meant to be for the Khmer language. But unfortunately the locale ID is erroneous, Khmer would be ‘km_KH’ or at the very least ‘km’ (but not ‘kh’).

(Q.) How do we correct this, is it just a matter of renaming the file to through a PR or there are other things to do in regards to Transifex… etc?

Cc @ouiliam

Interesting. A bit of googling says that:

openmrs-core is not translated via transifex, so I think you can just rename the file. (If you’re using the Khmer locale in some implementation you’ll probably be the first to identify any errors that pop up.)

Ok thanks @darius. We may just submit a PR renaming to