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Hello all, I am trying to create an app similar to graph observation but for non-numerical concepts. The graph obs will list the numerical values and then graph it.

what I need is to list coded/text concepts. I tried health trend summary. But the problem with this one is that it shows null values each time an encounter is used.

What I am hoping to see is a list of values of the same coded/text concept that is not impacted by other unrelated encounters . Is there an app definition that I can use?

Always appreciate your help

@yadamz The graph component will only work with numeric concepts

You need to create your own copy of the health tend summary and change the temperate concept to the one you are using in your implementation. I suspect the problem may also be that your encounters are on the same date which looks strange

Thanks @ssmusoke I understand. The thing is that the null values in the health tend summary shows with any entered encounter. The screen shot above was taken after entering a vitals encounter, then the null values showed after visit encounter was entered.

So if you have several other encounters type that does not include the concepts you need to display on health tend summary, the health tend summary widget will end up being blank and therefore useless.

Does this make any sense?