Core Apps Travis build Failure >>The job exceeded the maximum log length, and has been terminated.

My Travis build for core apps terminates because The log length has exceeded the limit of 4 Megabytes . However all tests run succesfully locally. Its my first time i experience that error. i have seen several sulutions some of which require a change in the .travis.yml file. Here is the PR. Has any one else faced the same problem ?? What could be the best way to go about it.

cc @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5

@mozzy this started happening before your PR:

This means that Core Apps build logs have become too verbose and should be cut, somehow.


@mksd Acually i was wondering how @haripriya manages to bypass this error :blush:. Because i know shes actively doing work around the core apps.

so @mksd what do you propose we do ??

@mozzy usually pushing the changes again fixes the problem.

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@haripriya i have tried to re-push them several times but not sucessful :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s surprising to see this screenshot, as i didn’t get any travis build error on these PR’s before it got merged.

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haha really :thinking:??

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Yes, and I’m pretty sure @dkayiwa wouldn’t have merged those PR’s if it had travis build error’s then :sweat_smile:

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I feel the travis has stated to fail as the logs have become too verbose as suggested by @mksd as also the commit by openmrs-bot seems to have failed.

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yes sure , but i also dont think @mksd has just manipulated the screen shot :rofl:.

@dkayiwa could have merged them probably because they were just UI changes (not sure) , and didnt have any significant effect on the API .

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I do not merge pull requests that have travis build failures. :slight_smile:

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@now am wondering how that screen shot come about? :thinking:

So @dkayiwa, any solution you would like to propose ??

That happens if travis succeeds but coveralls fails. :smile:

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:smiley::rofl: true ,

Let’s look at ‘RA-1590: Renamed Cancel button on Manage Conditions UI to Return (#203)’. Here is the commit and its Travis build:

The error is:

The job exceeded the maximum log length, and has been terminated.

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:rofl: ok , I think thats right. Now we should look at the way forward to solve this @dkayiwa

@mksd and @dkayiwa, can i go ahead and try doing changes in the travis file to cab down this issue??

@cintiadr Could you please assist perhaps increase the size of the log file, so that builds don’t fail?

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Not really, @c.antwi.

That’s travis, there’s nothing I can actually do. I mean, if travis (the service) doesn’t allow it, there’s nothing we can do other than having a smaller log file.