Core Apps patient page look and feel different on desktop browsers

@dkayiwa , @mksd , @wyclif , @ssmusoke

Yeah, I can feel the pain of the situation. But don’t worry I will engage with the community work whenever an issue arises I will fix it as soon as possible.

@wyclif as @ssmusoke mentioned if we didn’t do the distribution app build we would not be able to identify the selenium testing issues as well.

But I hope most of the issues are now ok. If there are even smaller issues please raise on this thread. I will work on them as soon as possible.

Regards Ayesh

@ayesh did you intentionally change the font sizes on the log in screen?

Hi @dkayiwa

Yes I did change the font size and also asked for the feedback as per the feed back all were ok with it so proceeded with it.But if it is not needed we can revert back @dkayiwa

Let me know ure thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mind pointing me to the post where you asked for this feedback? :slight_smile:

And here is another post

And on the deployment @ssmusoke and I did also we asked for the feed back from the community :slightly_smiling_face:

@ayesh that thread is so big. Could you point me to the exact post which deals with changing the font size?

Hi @dkayiwa

I didn’t specifically ask for the font size change. After the whole change of the page asked for the feedback on the whole change @dkayiwa.

But if it’s needed I can revert it back soon :slightly_smiling_face: And sorry for the inconvenience caused :no_mouth:

My approach would be the less disruptive one where i start with what was in place.

Hm didnt get you ? :slightly_smiling_face:.So revert it back to the old login format is it ?

Why would you want to integrate Bootstrap and at the same time change the existing user interface? I would do these separately to reduce the disruption.


Yes, true that. actually compared both versions with having the smaller font and having the enlarged font I felt enlarged one was better to proceed with,

This was how without the enlargement it looked

Hi @ayesh, there is a small issue when adding a custom app config here

It’s not possible to save a valid app config such as this one on hastebin. It configures an app to register a patient. The issue is visible with Bootstrap integrations. Could you look into this? Thank you.

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Hi @ruhanga

Sure I will do

Hi @ssmusoke @ruhanga

Can anyone merge the fix :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for this, we were struggling with this issue yesterday at the office

@solemabrothers this is why the app definition was not saving

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Sure @ssmusoke

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@ayesh the registration summary widgets are broken, did you see this? Example with demographics:

We need to have this fixed before the release.

Cc @ssmusoke

@mozzy @ssmusoke let us hold off the release of the Ref App 2.10 until the above is fixed. Looks like we were not done with the Bootstrap rabbit hole in the end.

Cc @ruhanga

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