Core Apps Module release

Hello all–

Just a clarification on Reference App module release process… I want to do a new release of the Appointment Scheduling UI module to get a bug fix in, but it depends on the latest snapshot of Core Apps, so I will need to release that as well.

However, the “distro-version” dependency of Core Apps is set to 2.4-SNAPSHOT. Am I correct that t is okay to release module with a distro-version snapshot dependency? If not, what it the process?

Thanks, Mark

The answer to that is tricky.

We’ve found it unavoidable to release reference application modules with compile-time snapshot dependencies, but I would avoid doing this outside of the full reference application release process (when you expect that other modules won’t actually be changing before their release).

I would recommend that you release 2.4 of coreapps (and set the distro to this) then release appointmentschedulingui with no snapshot dependencies. (Finally you’d set the distro to have coreapps 2.5-snapshot.)

I agree with Darius’ proposed solution

Core Apps itself is at 1.8-SNAPSHOT… it’s distro-referenceapp that is at 2.4-SNAPSHOT. Can I release core apps without setting it’s distro-referenceapp dependency to 2.4? (Which would require releasing distro-referenceapp and lead to a circular release dependency.


You can release coreapps as long as the only snapshot dependency it has is that of the distro

Beautiful, thanks @wyclif!

@wyclif @darius can one of you add me as a core apps maintainer in modulus so I can upload the new module?

Yes, I’ve added you.

thank you @mogoodrich @darius, this is great! :slight_smile: