Core 2.2.0 released?

Looks like Core 2.2.0 was released yesterday?

That’s great, but I didn’t see any announcement about it so I wanted to make sure it was intentional? :slight_smile:

Also, while it looks like the release was (properly) cut from the 2.2.x branch, the release itself oddly didn’t end up in any branch?

See attached screenshot…

Take care, Mark

Am not aware of that. @samuel34 is this related to the beta release that you are working on?

Thanks @dkayiwa! For reference, it’s also been deployed to Artifactory as well:

Yes. But It was by mistake.

What happened was I tried to release core 2.2.0-beta but I wrongly overridden the maven.release.version variable in CI bamboo. Getting to know my mistake, I reverted the openmrs-bot commit created in 2.2.x branch. But what I forgot to do was delete artifacts in other places like artifactory. Is there a well defined and much cleaner way of doing a maven release rollback through CI?

Am not aware of any roll back command which would automatically delete released artifacts.

@dkayiwa I wish I had delete privileges for, I would delete the artifacts now! @dkayiwa would you delete them?

Do they exist any more?

Thanks @dkayiwa. I believe I won’t mess up next time :smile:

@samuel34 I realise that you have triggered the release of Core 2.2.0 (yesterday?). However the next development iteration is now incorrectly set back to 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT whereas it should be 2.2.1-SNAPSHOT.

I will correct it now.

Thanks @mksd :see_no_evil: