Coordinated effort to publish / present OpenMRS case studies?

Hi all,

First of all, thanks @jeffneiman for coordinating a few of the OpenMRS case study write-ups that have been featured on the OpenMRS blog and facebook pages. These are great, and have really helped us take the OpenMRS message to the rest of the world.

I also see some more case studies / write up (such as what @ssmusoke just posted). I think these are really important, so i’m wondering if we should coordinate some kind of general workflow for people to put together case studies.

Perhaps the community can put together an infographics template, which implementers can fill out very quickly, and then be shared/published on our social media? Love to hear our marketing guru’s opinion :slight_smile:


You’re too kind, @surangak!

I think this is a great idea. I’d like to suggest that any and all statistics please include proper citation to the original source. If it’s from us, let’s see how we can “prove” it!

Case studies can be drawn up on just statistics alone, if they indicate a positive change linked to an implementation of a solution; so getting stats is always going to be crucial!

What if we had a shared excel document that we submitted data and sources of? I can get that going if we like the idea!

Hmm… re. the excel sheet, i’m not sure that I follow. Are you proposing it as a collection of OpenMRS information sources? Also, how about a google form with a set of open ended questions that implementers can fill in? Implementers can use the form to provide us with data (including images and videos) which we can then use to put together a write up in a shorter time frame)…

I was suggesting the spreadsheet so users can fill in data that indicates a positive change. They could also input sources in the last field of the row.

I’m only suggesting this for case studies that have yet to be written, where facts and stats are the only things that are known.

The google form idea is pretty awesome!!! Sounds like either way we’re going to need to come up with some questions for fields either way!

Are you looking for an implementation stats doc? We have that from last year’s annual report - although there were some errors, so we need to correct those. I’ll share that with you.

This article was written 3 months after the Hospital opening (2013), but gives an excellent synopsis. @jeffneiman Let me know if you would like an addendum with more current data.


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This is sweet - thanks for showing me this! If it’s possible to get even more recent data, that would be incredible!

That would be great! Can you send that whenever you’re able to?

@jeffneiman - You are a great addition to the community. Thanks for all the positive work.

Since the article from July 2013 about University Hospital at Mirebalais (Haiti), there have been many great enhancements including Medication dispensing, Appointment scheduling, Chemotherapy, Mental Health and patient wristbands. We are soon to add Emergency triage and more comprehensive primary care visit.

Since the hospital opening in March 2013, these are the astonishing number of patients and visits:

    Patients = 250K
    Visits      = 945K
    Encounters    = 2.5M
    Observations  = 16M
    Since March 10, 2013

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