Converting Old code to a standard maven openmrs module archetype structure

I have converted this this svn repo to a git repo, and want to mavenize it to a maven project, but this page seems to be deleted here can i get another wiki page to help me do the mavenizing ?? thanks cc @dkayiwa @mksd @burke @darius

trying out these scripts here but am not yet succesful

So @dkayiwa, since am just going to create a new module , i wouldnt need this any more, however , it can still be helpful in another case.

@mozzy when you google a bit on converting java code to maven,i think you can get some thing

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yes true @herbert24 thanks. well its was not mererly mavenizing the code , thats pretty more easy to do , because even eclipse can do that.

But the issue was converting the code from the old module archetype structure to the standard module archetype structure we use now.

There used to be certain scripts i could run , but i couldn’t acces that page

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@mozzy, I think I know the page you are talking about. I think it was this page. Someone had apparently deleted the page for some reason (perhaps thinking it was no longer needed). I restored it from Trash on the wiki. Let me know if that’s the page to which you were referring.


thanks @burke ,sure thats the page