[Contribution] Link and Image View Components for Clinical Assistance

Dear Community,

I hearby contribute two new features to the observation forms 2.0:


This is a form-control which displays a visually appealing button. The main purpose for this item should be to correctly link information like online clinical material, guides or any other website either with full url or just specifying the path.

The intention is to assist the clinical staff with approved knowledge references at hand. Usecases can be a areas with highly changing personnel whereas the specific knowledge reference should be simply available, where special guidelines (e.g. for medical devices) are used for observations which are rarely performed and the personnel is less trained, etc.

Image View

This is a form-control which displays a static hosted image. Similar to the Link component, it should help to provide knowledge references at hand. Usecases can be an assistance when classification need to be done e.g. rashes or certain quality checks must be done where images assist e.g. sample taking.

For this component a folder must be created like this <web-root>/bahmni/images/clinical_forms/ and the filenames must be inserted when using the implementer interface. There are three properties which can be used to adjust the image: Position, MaxHeight and MaxWidth in percent.

Both components can be suitable in areas where only lesser qualified personnel is available or teaching facilities.

A full demo can be viewed here with a usecase example of an ECG observation:

If somebody is keen to test it out, the file form-components-for-clinical-assistance.zip contains the compiled form-controls and implementer interface which can be downloaded here

The contents of the folders must be copied respectively to <web-root>/bahmni/components/bahmni-form-controls and <web-root>/implementer-interface

Shoutout to the dockerized version of Bahmni which made development a delightful experience!

Sincerely, Johannes Heinzl


Thanks for sharing this. I have created two JIRA issues in our board, to track this one.

For reference:

  1. [BAH-3130] - Bahmni - JIRA (External Hyperlink)
  2. [BAH-3131] - Bahmni - JIRA (Embedded Images)

Need to elaborate these JIRA cards a bit more, in terms of specific attributes/details.

cc: @binduak @angshuonline