Contributing to our CY19 plans for the Platform and Ref App

Here are more details about contributing to our CY19 plans for the Platform and Ref App:

  • Review the SG1 Platform tab and SG2 Ref App tab of our CY19 Operational Planning Worksheet. Please use Column D for comments, suggestions, and ideas. You can also chime in here!
  • Participate in next Monday’s PM meeting (15h00 UTC), where we’ll spend 30 minutes reviewing draft plans for these two objectives.

If needed, we’ll schedule another time to continue next Monday’s discussion.

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@jennifer Thanks for the update.

Thank you for the updates @jennifer .

Thanks for the update

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thanks for the update

Hey everyone!

It turns out that Monday, January 21 is a US holiday - which means we probably won’t see some of those (like @burke) who usually participate in the PM meeting.

It looks like we need to postpone the review of the CY19 plan for the Platform and the Ref App…and it looks like the best time will be Thursday, 24 January at 14h00 UTC (9am EST). This is going on the OpenMRS calendar with call in details.

In the meantime, take a peek at the CY Operations Planning Worksheet. Share your suggestions and ask questions in the planning worksheet or here on Talk.

@terry @c.antwi @burke @ssmusoke @gschmidt @suthagar23 @ruhanga @tendomart @dkayiwa @irenyak1 @herbert24 @samuel34

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@jennifer Thanks for the update

@jennifer did we just miss that holiday here?

Thanks for the update @jennifer

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@jennifer it’s great to see this update thanks

@dkayiwa Thanks for spotting that! We had it on the 14th and it is actually the 21st. I’ve made the change.