Contributing to Openmrs documentation.

Hello everyone, I am new to the Openmrs world and so far I find it all very interesting. For a while I have been searching for open source health care platforms to contribute into in my spare time and after searching through about 30 open source platforms, it seems to me that openmrs has the biggest active community and is really being used by hospitals effectively.

I am a developer and additionally have good technical writing and documentation skills. Given the collaborative nature of Openmrs I would like to contribute, preferably from the documentation side initially.

In this regard it will be very helpful if any one can provide some pointers as to where I could get started. That will be very helpful.



Hello, welcome to the community and we look forward to your contribution. We are thinking of coming up with a volunteer’s guide soon under the mentorship of @jennifer. The project and its requirements are on this link. Kindly, feel free to share your views concerning this project.

cc @jennifer

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@codestar, welcome! We are excited to have you join our community. As @jwnasambu mentioned, we have a project that centers around developing volunteer guides. We also have a number of technical writing projects that are either kicking off soon, looking for someone to pick up, and we’re open to hearing your ideas when it comes to documentation as well.

Aside from Talk, our Wiki is probably one place to start and get a feel for our community (and documentation needs).

What sort of technical writing have you done in the past? Anything in particular that interests you?

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This is great @codestar, we are happy to have you here. Thanks @jennifer and @jwnasambu.

Hello everyone, Thanks for the welcoming response! To answer Jennifer I am an electronics engineer with a few years of research experience from the UK. During this time I had the opportunity to publish and present my research work. So my writing skills are primarily technical in nature.

Afterwards I worked as an engineer and most recently have been working as a software developer. I really like the type of documentation that is useful in dynamic, constantly evolving work environments with the intent of minimizing entropy/disorder.

After having a look at the wiki pages, I could get started on a how to article. This would allow me to get going. My final goal is to contribute code to the project, and if at all possible apply current data science algorithms to automate the relevant decision making.


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@codestar, this is a good moment in time for you to join us. We now have three technical writers through Google Season of Docs who will be working with us on our REST API documentation and taking a look at our Wiki with an eye towards re-organizing it to better meet the needs of our diverse community.

What do you think the focus of your how to article would be? I ask in case there are areas of overlap with these other projects and so that we can point you in the direction of any relevant conversations on Talk.

For starters I could get going on articles that provide step by step information like

or the

Additionally after having gone through the wiki, I notice the large number of modules! I am pretty certain there will be plenty of documentation work to do.

Alternatively if there is any documentation that needs to be done first please let me know.


There is definitely a lot of documentation work to do!

During our weekly Documentation meetings, we’ve had some discussion on improving installation guidance. Any chance that you can join the team’s Tuesday meeting? I know that not everyone can make the Tuesday meeting, so I’m looping in @jwnasambu, our Documentation Lead, and @c.antwi, our TPM.

@jwnasambu, do we still have a running list of pages that need work or review?

Hi, I’ll be at work during the meeting. Is there any possibility of accessing a recording of the meeting? If not please send me urls for the relevant parts of the documentation and I’ll start there.


Sure @codestar I believe @jwnasambu will be able to send you the links and a recording in case you don’t make it for the call on Tuesday.