Contributing to OpenMRS 3.0: Frontend [Help wanted]

Hello everyone!!! :wave:,

I am Harish, react developer and an open-source enthusiast. I am currently pursing my computer science degree and also working as React Developer Intern in a startup.

I would like to participate in GSoC 2023 for the Responsiveness & Tablet based needs project.


  • For this project, which repo should I have to work on?

  • I followed this guide to setup the project. Is this the correct way to do? or should I just have to fork the repo from github and start working? Also, I tried the docker-compose way of setting up the project (mentioned in Quick Start Guide: Get O3 running on your machine quickly ) but i do not know how to contribute

can you please help me to setup in the right way, so that i can start to contribute.

  • I tried to get access for jira but it is giving me this error

Contact Site Administrators

Your Jira administrator has not yet configured this contact form.

what should i do now?

First, I would like to work these issues:

  • Edit Past Visit button does not work

  • Add button disappears

Thank you :grin:

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Hey @harish03 !

Vineet here. Thank you for your interest in GSoC’23 project. We have multiple repos to work on. The main repos you should focus for now are:

  1. Core apps
  2. Patient Chart
  3. Patient Management

You can follow this documentation at OpenMRS 3.0: A Frontend Framework that enables collaboration and better User Experience - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki and guide available at OpenMRS Frontend 3.0 Documentation for Developers for setup and getting an understanding of the project.

For JIRA, did you make the openmrs ID from If yes, please drop a message on #infra channel on OpenMRS slack.

You can have a look at the intro tickets at Issue Navigator - OpenMRS Issues.



Thank you very much :grin:

Following the documentation I’m stuck at this step 4 which says install nginx . Configure nginx to proxypass to tomcat . I’ve installed both tomcat and nginx but I have no idea about how to configure the nginx file as mentioned. I’ve looked everywhere to understand what should i do but didn’t got any feasible solution for myself .Looking for help . Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey @anikett,

Great to see you setting up frontend projects!

When setting up frontend projects you can follow OpenMRS Frontend 3.0 Documentation for Developers documentation, also follow the instructions provided in the Readme files of the repo (Example: Core apps). Feel free to post any questions here or in the openmrs3-helpme slack channel.


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Hi @anikett !

You can use OpenMRS SDK to setup OpenMRS easily. OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Ar else checkout this repo and run: docker compose up

Alternatively, you can use the documentation provided by @kumuditha if you are interested in frontend development. That’s the easiest way to setup the development environment.

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Thank you @jayasanka and @kumuditha for sharing. I will ask for doubts if i get stuck :smile: