Consulting Projects with the University of Michigan

I don’t know anything about these projects, but they could prove helpful to the OpenMRS community. Maybe for OCL? @paynejd

The University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI) is seeking potential clients for two final project courses. Engagement as a client is free; details can be found below.

User Experience Consulting Project A team of students will evaluate and enhance the user experience of your interactive product or idea over the course of one term. A typical project consists of needs elicitation, UX requirements analysis, UX design and prototyping, and user evaluation. Ideal clients are seeking user experience innovation, evaluation and redesign for:

  • an existing website, mobile app, product or interactive tool that would benefit from an evaluation and redesign OR
  • an idea for a website, mobile app, product, or interactive tool

Prior clients of this project course include Comerica, the Federal Trade Commission, ProQuest and Security Innovation among others.

Information Analytics Consulting Project A team of students will work on a data analytics-oriented project over the course of one term. Ideal client projects have the following characteristics:

  • The project should be data-centric and revolve around large-scale dataset(s), with students working on problems of data gathering, manipulation, analysis, and visualization of data. (A few past projects have also involved prediction tasks using machine learning.)
  • The project should involve significant technical work and aim to produce software artifacts and/or new data resources as part of the project deliverables.

Prior clients of this project course include TDAmeritrade, Delta Airlines, Disney Studios, and Plex Systems, among others.

For both courses, proposal ideas are selected from organizations from all industries, including private organizations, public institutions, government entities, non-profits, health, and research institutions. Organizations are able to participate in both course opportunities, if interested.

These courses take place from January through April, 2018. (In the case of SI 485, the Information Analytics Final Project course, there is also some initial preparation time that begins during the previous fall 2017 semester.) There is no cost to client organizations.

To propose a project, please respond by September 1, 2017 to this email with a line or two about a project idea and you will be connected to the relevant faculty for an initial consultation.

Please feel free to share this mail with others who might be interested in this opportunity.

Thank you, Kelly Kowatch

– Kelly A. Kowatch Director, Office of Professional and Community Engagement University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI) 777 North University, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1611 (734) 936-8735 |

About UMSI: The University of Michigan School of Information has roots going back to 1926 as a library science department, but it was chartered in 1996 as a new school within the university with the mission to conduct research in, and to teach about, subjects at the intersection of people, information, and technology. Our award-winning faculty have training in computer science, library science, business, psychology, economics, education, history, and other fields, and they investigate topics ranging from digitization of archival documents to relationships on social media, from data analysis using machine intelligence to the economics of information. The school comprises about 50 faculty, 50 staff, 60 PhD students, 400 master’s students and 300 bachelor’s students.