Consulting help for setting up Bahmni in an Eye hosipital

Hello friends

One of my friend trying to setup an EHR system for their Eye hospital in India. They reached out me, and they felt Bahmni is a good fit for their hospital.

I would like to setup their EHR system in Google cloud. Could you able to help us with a consulting fee. Please provide your Email ID, so that I can communicate directly.


I am new to this group, Correct me if I am wrong.

You can do this by creating a product in odoo say “Consulting Fee” and assign price to that.
Go to stocks and billing Click on Sales image Click on “Create product” Add consulting fee

You can this see this product “Point of Sale”

I would suggest calling someone from this list: Implementation Partners — Bahmni™. Most folks have experience deploying Bahmni in Indian hospitals/facilities.

Please note: As Bahmni is FOSS/Free-Open Source Software, anyone can download and deploy it themselves for free (no license cost, etc). But you can employ paid services of the above listed implementing organisations to perform this for you, and most of them offer service/support contracts.

//cc: @arjun @angshuonline