Considerations when upgrading webservicesRestVersion

In REST module at about v2.21.0 we introduce a new dependency io.swagger:swagger-core as an helper library to document REST resources.

There are still few modules with resources that better be documented. But to document we we’ll need upgrade the version of the rest module that they use.

So as the title suggests what will be the considerations for one to upgrade the webservicesRestVersion of a module. Is it safe to do so?

For example to document, openmrs/module/appframework/rest/ we will have to upgrade its webservicesRestVersion since it still uses 2.12.

@gayanw how about trying it out, compile, run and test to see what happens?

Thanks, that will be fine. I thought there might be special procedure when upgrading a module dependency.

I don’t think there is. Just do it :slight_smile: