Consider creating a GitBook account of OpenMRS org

The aim of a couple of this year’s Google Code-In tasks was to port currently existing docs into new version of GitBook. Such examples are this task and this one (I’ve completed one of them and also submitted other documentation tasks using this platform).

The only way to do the job was to recreate the user manuals on our private GitBook profiles, so it would be great if we could move our work from our private spaces to official OpenMRS profile.

AFAIK, there’s no official OpenMRS account on GitBook yet, so we should consider requesting one from GitBook team. As pricing page says, GitBook is free for open-source teams, so I kindly request doing that (from someone who is managing the org) in the near future.

Cheers :smile:

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I liked this idea. Gitbook is an amazing way to maintain all project documentation. :smile:

We started on GitBook and then moved our books ( and to GitHub so we wouldn’t have to manage accounts on GitBook, we could host them at any URL, and minor edits could be contributed directly through GitHub edits.

Are you saying that, instead of updating/improving our existing guide & manual, we’ve created new ones? Or something different?

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Exactly. Our job was to recreate currently existing guides using new version of GitBook (you can read about features of v2 here). It is possible to mirror the content of these guides on GitHub, but it’s not ready to be hosted elsewhere (that’s a huge downgrade imo).

GitBook charges money for its services but they have a free plan for open-source organisations. The question is, do we really want to move to GitBook v2 and lose independency and ability to host docs anywhere for some new features? That’s why I’ve created this topic, I don’t really know what was the mentors’ intention who created these tasks.


This is something we should seek clarity on in the new year. We have a documentation team set up and we will be conducting an extensive review of all documentation of the platform in the first few weeks of January.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention