Connecting to a remote OpenMRS server

What do I have to do to connect a computer to the server running OpenMRS? Does it have to be enterprise or it can be tested with standalone as well?

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update: there are previous topics that talk about the same thing…sorry for being hasty.

Good morning @hossam,

  1. Your server needs a static IP Address as you will use the server’s IP to access it from the client computer.
  2. Ensure your computer and server are networked, and can communicate. You can use the ping command for this test. For example, ping where is the IP address.
  3. Open your client computer’s browser and go to the address of the server, the same as opens in the browser in the server when you start standalone. It may be something like… http://localhost:8081/openmrs/login.htm, but that won’t work from the client. You must replace localhost with the IP address of your server. So, if your server IP address was, your URL to access it would be The numbers after the address and colon are critical, that is the port that your server is running on. Make sure the port is the same as the port the server is running on.

If you can’t ping or connect to OpenMRS via the browser on the client computer, try disabling any firewalls on the server. Don’t forget to secure it when you’re done.

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It worked! Yaaay! :smiley: thank you.

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