connect to database through Workbench

I’ve installed Bahmni on a CentOS VM on Google Cloud. After having tested thoroughly, I’d like to install it on premises for a hospital. Before that, I’d like to have access to the underlying database or databases that Bahmni uses. As I’ve gathered, OpenMRS runs on MySQL, so I’m right to use Workbench to access the database. But seems like I don’t have access to it. Can you please direct me?


Hi @kgauri,

I don’t remember from the top of my head, but in all likelihood the Vagrant VM is not mapping MySQL’s port to the outside.

But what error message are you getting exactly?

You can easily use mysql workbench with tcp over ssh, as usually mysql configured with localhost enabled.


This is the error I get. I have Bahmni installed on a CentOS server on Google Cloud. I’ve allowed port 3306 in the firewall of the Console. I’ve changed the config file to AllowTcpForwarding to YES. I use a key file to connect over SSH to my VM.