connect openmrs to a pacs

can I connect openmrs to a pacs, as that openmrs point to a patient’s images and visualizes them from openmrs using Dicom viewer. Have you any idea how can i do this?

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It definitely can be done, but it will require some custom coding. We use the Mirth integration engine along with a custom OpenMRS module we wrote to integrate with the McKesson PACS system via HL7 messages. Our module is pretty targeted toward our workflow, but you might be able to learn some insights by looking at the code:

I believe others may have taken other approaches as well.

Take care, Mark

thank you for your reply do you have any idea, if this can be done with DCM4chee PACS?

I believe there has been some work done with DCM4chee PACS, but I have not been involved at all so have no idea on that end… hopefully someone else will weigh in.

Take care, Mark

@moro Check out the demo here

It works with an orthanc PACs backend and OHiF viewer which is html 5

It represents version 3 of the Radiology module previously developed on Openmrs as Radiology

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Thank you very much Judy; I think that LibreHealth responds almost completely to what I want to achieve. I only have a part left, I want to integrate cameras to realize tele-consultation. is LibreHealth have the same modular architecture as openmrs. can I develop a teleconsultations module?

@moroyes it is – an openmrs module can be run as a librehealth module