Congratulating Suruchi Dhungana on achieving /pm/3

It was a pleasure to continue @suruchi’s Product Management journey in 2022 as she has been one of our OpenMRS Product Management Fellows this year. In fact she has remained committed to learning more and more about Product Management and has grown over time and experience in different projects across the OpenMRS community.

This is to recognize Suruchi’s accomplishments and share that she has achieved the new badge and group membership of /pm/3, Intermediate PM . Congratulations Suruchi!

Suruchi has been very active throughout our community, but many of you may not know some of her great achievements this year:

  • The community OCL Squad lead: Suruchi has led our OCL Squad and brought forward the voice of end-users, such as MSF and Bahmni, so that the OCL Global Good team and other squad members are clearly aware of key pain points and needs.
  • SMART Guidelines ANC implementation project, Business Analyst: Organizing key stakeholder interviews, sessions with technical SMEs, detailed requirements discussions with devs like @dkayiwa & @jnsereko, setting up concepts in OCL, creating prototype forms in O3, and managing our ANC project roadmap.

Thank you @suruchi, it’s a pleasure working together with you!


Thank you so much @grace for always supporting me and guiding me to achieve what I am today.

It’s been a great journey so far in Product Management. And thank you for the new badge and membership, I am excited and committed to continue working with you and OpenMRS :slight_smile: .

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congrants @suruchi Thanks you for the good work, flexibility and support :tada::tada:

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Many congratulations @suruchi :confetti_ball: Thank you for all the awesome work.

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Well done @suruchi Congratulations. :tada: :clap:

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Fantastic!! Congratulations @suruchi. Cheers! To greater heights.

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Congratulations and well deserved @suruchi ! You are a star in the community.

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