Confused about UI Module setup

I am attempting to setup OpenMRS for developing and am using the Getting Started as a Developer guide. I have everything setup up to the UI module. I am confused as to which module is best for development for the core. Is the Legacy UI module the best for this or is there a current module that is best for development?

First of all, allow me to welcome you to the OpenMRS Community and we anxiously look forward to your contribution! :slight_smile:

One approach to this is, take a look at our introductory tickets. Then whichever ticket you choose, if well curated, it will direct you to the module or core, where the changes need to be done. Here is a very good example of such a ticket:

It will also help you to take a look at this:

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Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction. This seems to be the right path compared to what I was doing before. I do have a quick question about wiki updates, how are those suggested? Through comments or somewhere else?

Just directly make the wiki updates. All watchers will be notified.

Great, thank you very much for the help. :slight_smile: