"Confirm submission" screen displays all field separators, even if the fields are empty

(Romain Buisson) #1

Hello !

I have a problem in my Triage form which records a list of check boxes. See the code :

 <section id="triage" sectionTag="section" headerStyle="title" headerCode="Triage">
   <!-- Main Problem fieldset -->
   <fieldset field-separator=", ">
           Main Problem
           Main Problem
           <!-- Display the main problems as checkboxes -->
           <obs conceptId="160029" style="checkbox" answerConceptId="CIEL:140238" />
           <obs conceptId="160029" style="checkbox" answerConceptId="CIEL:143264" />
           <obs conceptId="160029" style="checkbox" answerConceptId="CIEL:142412" />
           <obs conceptId="160029" style="checkbox" answerConceptId="CIEL:122983" />
           <!-- And an 'Other' list dropdown -->
           <obs conceptId="160029" labelText="Other" />

After selecting one or many choices, let’s say Cough (the 2nd), and click on Confirm section, I get the summary of my obs, displayed like this :

Confirm submission?

Main Problem : , Cough, , ,

The confirmation summary doesn’t seem to get that when my obs is empty, we don’t want the field separator.

Any idea ?


Ticket UICM-66 Example
(Wyclif Luyima) #2

Seems like a bug, unfortunately i don’t have my dev machine to try and reproduce this, can you create a ticket for it?

(Romain Buisson) #3

OK, I’ll do it. Thanks

(Romain Buisson) #4

(Mark Goodrich) #5

Thanks @mksrom… the confirmation list is actually rendered by one-question-per-screen navigator, so this ticket isn’t Html Form Entry specific, so I moved the ticket and tweaked the title.

(Maggie Harder) #6

@mogoodrich @mksrom Can I have a better description of where this is happening? My group and I are currently working on the issue and trying to reproduce the bug.

(Olivia Rine) #7

@mogoodrich @mksrom After looking at the code further, our group believes that the bug has already been fixed which is why we couldn’t reproduce the bug. We are working to find the commit that fixed the bug. When we find that, we will post it on the issue ticket.

(Jacob Hansen) #8

@mogoodrich I believe that we found the commit that fixed this bug back in 2015: