Configuring Reports to include download date in their filename and adding "translationKey" to report.json

Hello @ThoughtWorks, @bharatak @sdeepak

I have a few thoughts on possible changes to reports. Please find them in the points below.

  • Adding download date to report filenames. Is it possible to add this either via json configuration or in code? I think this is important for data management. I also think this can be straightforward since in excel report headers we have a row stating Report Generated On: $Date.

  • Adding translationKey in report.json file. This could serve two purposes:

  1. Translation for other languages.
  2. Since the headers in reports come from “name”: “$name” key in report.json, the translationKey could give an implementer the flexibility to configure report headers.

What do you think?

FYI @mseaton @mogoodrich @cioan

This should be possible with code change.

You are right. Reporting Module is yet to be internationalized completely.

@jmbabazi: Can you help add this feature to Bahmni by raising a pull request? We may not be able to pick this up immediately and therefore any help to make this happen will be appreciated.