Configure mandatory fields in add new appointment form


is it possible to change/configure the provider and service appointment type field (in the add new appointment form) as mandatory?

Sometime the encoder doesn’t fill-up this information and therefore this information is missing from the list view. This is important for the provider to see the list of appointment. That’s why this is crucial to make these two field mandatory for your implementation.

Thanks in advance.

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none of the two fields are mandatory in the model. This is deliberately so, since patient appointment can be without provider or service type (e.g. consultation, followup) definition.

However, when we designed, there was discussion and thoughts of provision for configuration elements that can force some of the other fields (e.g. Provider).

@snehabagri @pramidat do we have that?


Only ‘Service’ is mandatory, the service type and provider are not mandatory and is not configurable today.

We could potentially introduce additional configuration to enable this. (Just marking HTML element as required). Please suggest so in PAT call. (better still create a card and raise a PR)

Thank you @snehabagri and @angshuonline for your quick response. It would be nice if those elements can be configurable.

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Hi @munnavhai and @angshuonline

I have a different question but related to this new appointment form,

We want to add new field (location), which state the location where this appointment will take place as we have different mobile clinic that Doctors may meet the patient for follow up, to the form and make a column called location of that new field in appointment list view.

Is it possible using custom module or configuration?? if it is possible please share any information about how to do so.


appointment already has support for “location”. during creation and also in the list view.

The location we have in appointment is different with what we want, we want to enter the country administrative location of our mobile clinic for example if the we have the main Hospital in US: New York clinic, California clinic,Texas clinic etc… and we don’t want to remove the current location field we want to add a new one with administrative location

is there a way to customize the existing new appointment form?

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Did you find any ways to do so?

What change do you wish to make to the appointment screen? Some example will help.

I want to remove the locations field and change the service to program