Configuration of Patient ID's

HeHellHello my new friends,


Our clinic will have one ID called GID which will be auto assigned. So I attempted to created a new Identifier Type called, “GECHAANPatientID” and then add GID as Source Name.

I then retired “Patient Identifier” type and when I tried to add a new patient identifier source to it, I get a blank page.

When I add it back, it reappears. The same thing happens if I retire the GECHPatientID ID Type too.

I should also note that since I don’t need any of the existing types, I removed the prefixes but they appeared as “blank” options, I thought that starting with a new Patient ID type was the best way to go. I certainly can use the Patient Identifier ID Type if that is best but then how, do I remove the options from the dropdown?

Otherwise, how do keep only the IDs I need and not “break” anything behind the scenes?

How did you retire ?

Is there any specific reason for creating new identifier type ? It should be “Patient Identifier”

Use the below query to retire the identifier sources other than “GECHID”

update idgen_identifier_source set retired=1 where name in (“GAN”,“BAM”, “SIV”, “SEM”, “OLD”);

Ha, not really at this point. In my previous version of Bahmni, the ID was called, Bahmni Id and again I couldn’t figure a GUI way to update so, I can to the conclusion that a “new” id was the best way to go. Once I tried that, I realized that it “broke” functionality. Maybe someday I can become a tester for you because I seem to have the gift of being able to mess things up…BUT, I’m also learning every time! thank you for being kind. I will update according to your UPDATE statement! Thank you @sravanthi17!