[Conf talk] Lessons learnt from 8 years of Bahmni development

@angshuonline and I gave a talk at #thoughtworks xConf 2021 last week on the Lessons Learnt from Bahmni FOSS development over the last 8 years.

In this talk we share the lessons learnt while building & deploying Bahmni, an open source hospital management system across resource constrained environments. We cover key lessons on sustainability, software entropy, designing tech4good systems, patient privacy and security, product thinking, etc.

The talk can be accessed here: Youtube and Slides.

We are happy to do a deep dive talk again if anyone is interested. We were limited to 30-40 mins time in xConf, but honestly - this is easily a 1.5+ hour discussion topic. We hope you find this talk useful. Comments are welcome.

#openmrs #foss #opensource

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