Condition list functionality [Inactive list & edit functionality]

The effort into the condition list feature in coreapps is appreciated.

I have some few questions:

  1. Is it a feature that inactive conditions are not to be displayed in the condition list page? Is there a config to enable this so that clinicians can refer to the list to check previous conditions onset/end dates?
  2. On condition list page, when you click “edit” on an active condition, access the edit page, select the “Inactive” radio, the end date is displayed and is “Undefined”. Click to enter the end date and the value defaults to “31 Dec 1899”. Is there active development to fix this?

Thanks @alaboso. I have reproduced both problems on another implementation. Please create OpenMRS JIRA tickets for these?

  1. Inactive conditions should appear. That’s a bug.
  2. Defaulting to 31 Dec 1899 is also a bug. (Coincidentally it is the birthdate for @burke)

FYI - @haripriya @dkayiwa

Attention: @ball @haripriya