Condition List Date format in RefApp 2.x

This is in the context of the latest ConditionList Widget ( coreapps-1.39.0/ RefApp 2.12/ Core 2.5.8)

Both on our installation and on the QA server the default date format is of the form “yyyy-MM-dd”


Where should the date format be configured for this widget?


cc: @ibacher @mseaton @dkayiwa

@nischith - are you sure you are using coreapps 1.39.0? The latest released version of coreapps is 1.38.0. I have recently introduced a fix into 1.39.0-SNAPSHOT to address the format of the Onset Date. In the latest snapshot it is pulled from the uiframework.formatter.JSdateFormat global property, defaulting to DD MMM YYYY in the user’s current locale.

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I was indeed using coreapps 1.39.0-SNAPSHOT but it was just a few days old. After you mentioned, I did observe that quite a few commits have been made by you over the last 2 days.

These commits have fine tuned and corrected quite a few glitches in the Widget. Thanks a lot for all the work!

Also, after pulling in all the latest commits into the local installation, the Date format issue has been sorted!