Concepts Translation Spanish

I need to translate concepts to spanish, but see that the translantion project already done, but there is no steps to translate the concepts, diagnostics, etc.

I like to add the SNOMED CT Spanish verison

What procedure I have to follow to have a whole spanish verison o bahmni?

If you use the CIEL dictionary, many of the concepts already include the Spanish SNOMED terms where the map to SNOMED CT is SAME-AS. If you have other concept names which are appropriate translations of the default concept names in English, I can add them to the dictionary.

Where I can get the steps to include en Spanish SNOMED on the OpenMRS

The best way is to include them in CIEL. Now, remember that OpenMRS uses concepts mapped to SNOMED, so the SNOMED descriptions are not necessarily displayed in the UI. There is a reference code name which displays the name for the code which is used as a reference map. CIEL currently uses the Spanish SNOMED name (without the domain extension) for CIEL concept which have a SAME-AS SNOMED CT map to the concept. Have you reviewed those first?


I already get SNOMED CT whole database spanish, but can not find any place the instructions to apply yo OpenMRS concept dictionary translation. Where I have to look to find a manual o tutorial to archive spanish trasnlated concept in openMRS when login in spanish? Why OpenMRS has no page that I can follow to get the concept translated, for obseravation, dianigtic, medicine, etc.