concept source hl7 code meaning and max length

Hi there!

I am importing radlex into OpenMRS.

Would like some clarification on the “HL7 Code”.

Wanted to create a concept source for radlex, using its OID as the HL7 Code in the legacy UI where the length is limited by 20 characters.

Info text next to the input box:

“The 5-20 character code defined for this source by governing bodies. Alternatively, this could be the “Implementation Id” code used by another OpenMRS installation to define its concepts and forms.”

On db level the max length is 50 characters. Why limit it to 20 in the UI then? (Pull request wanted?)

I imported the CIEL dictionary openmrs_concepts_1.12.0_20160605.sql and see that the code is often empty.

IHE MRRT Report Templates in Radiology for example use OIDs as identifiers for coding systems.

And at thats also whats displayed as ID.

What is the meaning/intention of the HL7 Code? Identifiers defined by an organization to use in HL7 messages exchanged between different systems? Therefore no need to use OIDs which are globally unique?

If the limit in the DB is 50, then I guess we need to update the UI to match it

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I need some input on issue

so I can fix it

So the open question is whether concept_source.hl7_code should be limited to 20 or 50 characters.

I have no idea. Maybe @burke knows.

(@teleivo, If nobody answers, I suggest you just change the UI value to match the DB value)

yes, thats the question.

ok, ill wait a bit more and fix it as suggested.