Concept search question

We recently upgraded to OpenMRS version 1.12 from 1.7. We noticed an issue when searching for concepts using the page under Admin > View Concept Dictionary. When searching for concepts that contain underscores in the name, the search does not return the correct results. For example, a concept with a name of Test_test, if I type in Test_, it will show up in the list, but if I type in Test_t, it does not show up in the list. This used to work in our previous version of OpenMRS, but does not appear to work with the LuceneQuery.

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Looks like the lucene analyzer discards the underscore, @raff is this the intended behavior or a bug?

@david5780, thanks for posting the issue. It’s possible that underscore is interpreted differently by Lucene. I don’t think the behavior for interpreting underscore was documented anywhere in OpenMRS so we didn’t consider that edge case when migrating to Lucene.

Is it an actual issue for your implementation? Do you have concepts with underscores in your production database?

Please create an issue for openmrs-core (TRUNK project in JIRA) and link it here.

Yes, we have concepts in our production database that contain underscores.

There are three concept names in the CIEL database with underscores in the name: Concept 124068, 1054 and 160563.

@david5780, by chance did you create an issue in JIRA already? I could work on it.

I did not create a ticket. I can create one if you’d like.

Yes, please!

Ticket has been created