Concept Replacement Functionality Thoughts - What is available, possible and does it make sense?

As with any implementation there are concepts created to get stuff running, then suddenly there is a need to upgrade to CEIL concepts as this provides a consistency

I am wondering whether the following functionality exists, has been considered to replace a concept 123 already existing in an implementation with the CEIL equivalent 999

  1. Select existing concept and new concept definition (suppose this will be an MDS zip file)

  2. Insert new concept - throwing an error if the concept_id has already been taken

  3. Update all obs, concept sets, concept answers tied to 123 with 999

  4. Delete 123 from the implementation

I suspect this will help migration to CEIL especially for implementations which did not start out with CEIL and want to move there.


@jordan wrote the concept merge module to do exactly this. Not sure if it works with the latest version, but a good starting point.

@ball Thanks will check out the module