Concept Notes for Digital Square Notice E0: Shelf-Readiness and QA

Hi everyone!

Today, the QA Team talked about @k.joseph’s suggestion that we submit a concept note for Digital Square’s Notice E0: Shelf-Readiness.

We discussed focusing a QA concept note on two work packages:

  • Improvement for quality assurance and testing to improve data captured in the software tool.
  • Development of quality assurance and testing frameworks and strategies for interoperability workflows and contribution to the OpenHIE Testing Framework.

I pulled content from our previous QA proposal submission to create a draft concept note that we can work on collectively, with @christine taking the lead on adapting/drafting Work Package 1 on extending our current OpenMRS QA testing efforts, and @janflowers kicking off Work Package 2 around adapting our QA framework to support interoperability workflows. We see this as a continuation of our February discussions with the FHIR Squad.

We’re aiming to have a draft concept note ready for review by Wednesday, 6 May 2020 so we can submit early. More details in the notes.

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