Concept model for Lab orders

We are designing our new Lab Results system and are discussing use of the following concepts for lab results:

A “Lab Result Set” obs group (ConvSet) with the following set members:

  • Specimen collection date
  • Result date
  • Result (ie. Hepatitis B test with coded answers of + and -)

We need to model the multiple possible lab results (TB, HIV, Creatinine, etc). How should this be modeled?

We plan to use orders and order_sets.

@akanter @darius ?


I think this would follow the procedure history model. Name of test, date, structured result, unstructured result, comment, etc. I think we would want to support the standard lab result modeling from FHIR or HL7 to be sure we had the correct codable data elements. HIV test result history is much more extensive, but I would want to try to find something applicable to other results more generally.

“model for Lab results”?

Isn’t that the purpose of the obs table?

The topic title says “Concept model for Lab orders” yet the question discusses lab results. :confused: