Concept management using Iniz

@mksd Iniz does concept import, which is cool. A couple questions:

I understand that concepts need to be ordered according to dependency? Such that an answer must come before the question that uses it?

Is there a mechanism for exporting concepts from a server to iniz-compatible CSVs?

@mogoodrich @mseaton

Not if they are in the same CSV file. Iniz will try over and over again failed entities until no more improvements can be made.

Is there a mechanism for exporting concepts from a server to iniz-compatible CSVs?

No but @jsibley has been working on a tool to make such CSV files out of MDS packages. So that’d take you to a two-step process for now. Perhaps Jim can expand here already. He was doing this in the context of getting rid of the Reference Metadata module.

Cc: @janflowers


Currently, the tool I’m working on will only convert concepts from the Reference Metadata module XML files into CSV, not concepts found in MDS packages. However, it could probably be altered to perform that task. The pre-release version of this tool (Python script) is available here:

In addition, Iniz does have the ability to work directly with MDS packages, so that may be another way to export concepts from an existing database into an Iniz-friendly server. I understand that’s not an ideal solution since concepts would be difficult to edit/update, but it is an option. Let me know if there are any specific questions about the use of the above-mentioned script.

Nice, thanks @jsibley. We’re interested in a way to get off of MDS and into a human-readable format. We need a migration path for our existing concepts.

I would think that the most straight-forward (and generally useful) migration path would be to load MDS packages into an empty OpenMRS database, and then export from the database to the new, desired format. This would provide value beyond the more limited MDS package -> Iniz CSV use case.

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