Concept Dictionary packaged in RefApp 2.3.1 Standalone?

Application Name: Reference Application

Version Number: 2.3.1 Standalone Edition

Question: What is the Concept Dictionary in the Reference Application 2.3.1 (Standalone)? Is it a version of the MVP’s CIEL Dictionary? If so, what version is it and how can it be replaced by other versions?

I believe the reference application standalone comes with a portion of the CIEL dictionary which was relevant at the time it was created. It was designed to be completely replaced by the full CIEL dictionary and still work. The idea, however, was that eventually using OCL, you would only have to load the concepts from CIEL that you wanted, rather than the entire dictionary.

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Thanks Andrew for the information. Do you know if the version 2.3.1 is compatible with the full CIEL and if so, how can one change/“upgrade” the Dictionary if one has a copy of the full CIEL?


I believe you are able to simply overwrite the concept tables using the Platform 1.11.x version from dropbox. Perhaps @darius or others can confirm.

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Dear Andrew,

Thanks. I have the 1.11.2 version of the concept dictionary but cannot seem to find how to "overwrite’ the existing dictionary as there is no link to “Add/Update Concept Dictionary” in the System Administration.

Hope Darius or Daniel can provide the instructions for this.



Did you take a look at this?

Dear Daniel,

Thanks for the reference document. I could see how this would work easily in a OpenMRS platform Linux/Ubuntu installation. But how does one use these mysql commands in Standalone installation on Windows 10? Or is there an alternative method?


Did you take a look at?

Dear Daniel, Thanks again for that reference, which I found very informative but I could not connect to the database (Error 2003 - see attached). Any suggestions on how to resolve this error?


EDIT: Removed image with passwords

Ensure that your standalone instance is running. Otherwise you cannot connect to its database if it is stopped.

The standalone was running.

I know this is an old topic, but I found this thread when I was having the same problem, and doing what’s been said so far almost solved it, so I figured I’d share what did solve it in case others get here.

What completed the solution was a tweak to the command from

I used:

./mysql -uUSERNAME -p -h HOST -P PORT openmrs < DICTIONARYFILENAME.sql

The USERNAME (openmrs), HOST IP address and PORT are all in the same document where you find the password :

Please where can i download the latest concept dictionary in sql format.

Please see the description in Where can I get the latest copy of the OpenMRS dictionary in SQL?