Concept Dictionary maintenance

We wanted to create a mini group of those interested in starting a conversation around strategies regarding upgrading to new Concept Dictionary version(s). There’s been multiple discussions about this in the past but we have not yet found a suitable solution to integrate new concepts into our current operating system. We are more than willing to lead these conversations but wanted to involve the OpenMRS community because we know there are other groups facing similar challenges. Currently, we hesitate upgrading our concept dictionary because it would ultimate disable our Forms Module and it would take us a significant amount of time to re-input those specific concepts manually. We thought getting a group together to work on this issue collectively might be a good way to tackle the issue, although I am sure these conversation have already been had.


I think there are tools that will help out with this specifically the OCL tool thats in beta testing

Still a good idea and i would urge you to involve @akanter who is a pretty good resource for concepts management

Let’s talk, Serghei. What are you using for your dictionary now? CIEL is the current most-shared concept dictionary and we have significant experience…

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@judy thank you! I hope you are well. @akanter - we’ve met at the OpenMRS conference in 2013 in Eldoret. @assimilator (Serghei) and I are working on the same project (KMRI) with ICChange. We would be happy to set up a call to discuss this further or we can discuss through email. Let us know what you would prefer. We are using the MVPCIEL dictionary but we also have many KMRI based concepts (as per the health clinics needs). Thank you for the response.

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I see. Of course we should talk more. We are nearing beta release of the OCL module for Kenya which would allow you to subscribe to CIEL and handle the custom concepts. We could start by an export of your concept dictionary where you have added non-CIEL concepts. I believe that the MetaDataSharing module will not overwrite existing concepts if they share a SAME-AS mapping to a CIEL concept, so we could make sure that you add the CIEL concept IDs to your mapping and then you could use MDS to update to the latest CIEL dictionary. I think we need to discuss with @raff to see how this would work with the new OCL model.

@akanter, thank you for the information. We are going to look more into OCL module and it’s capabilities so we can continue this conversation.

Here is the wiki page for the OCL project

We will have more documentation on how to use the module by the end of next week. The module has been created for implementations that already use the full CIEL dictionary or a part of it with the intention to upgrade to the full version. It allows them to have some local concepts, but still get updates for the CIEL dictionary.

Are folks still interested to discuss this

@badeia we should catch up on the work you are doing

@judy lets definitely connect on this matter. Is there an email that is best to reach you at? We can discuss strategies on how to best respond to this challenge.

Thank you!