Concept Dictionarry

Application Name: OpenMRS Platform

Version Number: 1.11.5

Question: Hello OpenMRS community! I am a clinical informaticist working with Apelon Inc. and I am learning (and experimenting with) OpenMRS as one of the components that can be used in an OpenHIE platform. I have a question about Concept Dictionary, that can be found under System Administration/Advanced Administration. When I go to View Concept Dictionary page, there is a link on top to “Download the concept dictionary in CSV format” which gives me a file with 45 rows, but when I use the search functionality on that same page, there seems to be a lot more concepts defined in the system. I am confused as to if and how the CSV file and the search functionality are related? I would appreciate any help and I hope you will bear with m while I learn more :smile:

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Welcome @shapoor !

As a historical note, the “download CSV” function was written back in 2006 or so (when the data model was simpler) and hasn’t really been maintained since then; so as you explore the CSV, keep in mind that it’s not going to show you the full range of data that’s in the system. (E.g. it doesn’t include synonyms or mappings to reference terminologies.)

Peeking at the code the last edit to the download CSV functionality was in the context of this ticket ( ) and this was included in 1.11.0, so if you’re only getting some of the data out, that sounds like a bug. (And you should file this at .)

You could verify how many concepts are actually in the dictionary by doing a SQL query against your database: “select count(*) from concept where retired = 0”

Shapoor, my name is Andy and I manage the CIEL dictionary which is provided as part of the stand alone OpenMRS implementation. There really is no other distributed dictionary. Can I ask what specifically you are trying to achieve with OpenMRS?

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Hi All,

I was checking to see if it was just me who the CVS download was broken for, but it looks like this hasn’t worked for a while. Any updates on fixing the Concept Dictionary download?

Also, we are working on creating all the Kenya MoH registries and reports into forms, so I’m doing a lot of concept searching. Has anyone else noticed that after the initial search, you can’t use the search box if it’s already on a concept?

One more question… does anyone have the ability to search the concept dictionary using the UUID?

Are you able to reproduce this here?

@dkayiwa, yes the same problem occurs when searching using the demo. I’m told by our forms team, that this problem started with OpenMRS version 2.1.x (This was before my time, we are currently using 2.1.2).

As for the concept dictionary search, it only supports searching by name or internal integer concept_id. Not UUID.

For the after initial search where you can’t use the search box if it’s already on a concept, can you create a ticket for it under the legacy ui module JIRA project?

Happy to create a ticket. But my login doesn’t work for JIRA.

That was fixed a couple of hours ago. Did you try log in again?

It seems one must request access to JIRA. I have done so and will create a ticket once I am able.

Jessica, please keep me in the loop on what you are doing… also whether you are searching CIEL or just looking in the Kenya EMR dictionary? Also, searching by SNOMED or ICD works in OCL, so that’s another way to find concepts that should be included.

Hi Andy, we are trying to code all of the Kenya MOH forms into OpenMRS. I’ve been using the search function in OpenMRS, but I noticed that when I searched in OCL, that I found different things, so I am searching there are well. When I can’t find in our AMPATH Dictionary or the OCL, I try searching FHIR or LONIC.

Perhaps you could give me specific examples. The OpenMRS search is not very robust. OCL should have the latest version of CIEL, but I would want to know if CIEL doesn’t have proper LOINC code coverage, etc.

@ruffjm the search box bug has been fixed with this ticket: Thanks to @rushikesh :slight_smile:

And version 1.5.0 of the legacyui module which has the fix, has been released.

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AMAZING!! Thank you so much.