Computed field becomes Editable field as soon as upper and lower limit added to it

Context :

When computed class concept is used for auto calculation, it should be a non editable field. But when range is specified to the concept it appears as an editable field in the observation form.

Issue :

Ideally computed filed should be non editable field. As it appears as an editable field it is creating confusion and giving an impression as a numeric field

Solution 1: Hiding the editable field and only showing the range

Solution 2 : Disabling the field so that no manual entry can be performed

for reference : Appearance on Form 1 forms after having 2 different computed concepts one with range and one without range

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If I understand the situation, it seems that when someone uses a Computed (auto-calculated) Concept field, the field is coming up as editable. If one doesn’t want it editable, then can mark it as read-only. You were able to mark the field as read-only and it worked fine?