Compliance with India's EHR standards

Government of India recently (December 2016) notified updated Electronic Health Records (EHR) Standards.

From website: -> Documents -> EHR Standards for India 2016. Direct link:

Any info on OpenMRS/Bahmni’s compliance with the standards?

Site unavailable…

I had started reading the document about 2 weeks back. Still in progress… Will share my observations / thoughts once I am done. Hopefully in another few days. Meanwhile, if anyone else also has thoughts, will be glad to hear.

This link works for me:

For being able to search text in the PDF, I had to download the document and open it on a native PDF viewer.

It doesn’t open for me at all.

Here is the document copy (PDF format): India EMR Recommendations - 2016.pdf (1.4 MB)

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Please try this link:!Ata9xi--B9dXlZpxdH0oAnqZF5jhcw

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Do they block traffic from the US? The page I got told me that they were overloaded…It’s weird.

I could access the site and document from a cloud server in US, connected remotely. Maybe it’s a HTTP proxy server or network setting (IP black/white list) blocking your access?