Complete workflow supported in openmrs

Could anyone please let me understand complete work flow for open mrs.

  1. Different accounts can be created for registration clerk, nurse and doctor.
  2. Registration clerk could only register patient and schedule an appointment for him with doctor.
  3. Now nurse has same features except it can capture the vitals of patient as well.
  4. Finally doctor can add visit note and diagnose the disease.

Once an appointment is created, only sysadmin can change the status of it. Right? Ideally, doctor should have the capability to change the status. Isn’t it?

Also, only way for doctor to prescribe medicines is to add it in visit note along with any lab test he may see fit.

Is there a way to track whether that test was performed OR not? Is there a way to track whether prescribed medicine has been given to patient OR not?

@dkayiwa @sharif @ggomez Please let me know if I missed anything.

@ravi991 what exactly you are asking?

Edited the question.