compiling ref app 2.5

I am trying to compile reference application 2.5 using Eclipse, Java 8. However, the build keep failing. The error is posted here:

Any help is highly appreciated


Do you have enough band width to try wipe out your .m2 folder and then compile again?

Thanks @dkayiwa How would I test for this ? I am using local labtop to compile

Google for: location of .m2 folder

@dkayiwa I compiled it and it is all fine; however, I installed the original modules/war file to test it. Everything is working fine except the registration app. when I click on it, I get JAVA error. This is when I try to register new patient.

This is the error from the log files

I used Java 8 , Tomacat 8, and the original war file (2.0.1) and modules (2.5). Any idea what went wrong?

Which version of the registrationapp module do you have? And what is the exact platform version that you are running?

@dkayiwa it is

Registration app 1.6 OpenMRS Version 2.1.0 SNAPSHOT Build 0

That was fixed here And hence will be in the version 1.7 release of the module. Are you in position to compile for yourself the latest snapshot version of the registrationapp module?