Compilation failure when run mvn clean package

recently I switch my system after that I fetch my working repo that has issues but now I trap in this error. I try change my maven version from 3.9.0 to 3.1.0 . @dkayiwa

and fetch my old ticket repo name trunk-5134 to solve that maven build failure? Error

What does this command return? mvn -v

it’s shows that

Switch to Java 1.8

thank you sir it’s work

I switch java version 1.8 and after run mvn clean package it successful run after that i run mvn clean install in that error come i try mvn clean install -X

@parthis did the build plan finally succeed?

yes but in mvn clean install showing error in API

This could probably be caused by the connection while running the plan. Could you try again?

yes I try twice time

The error states that " Some files do not have the expected license header". I suggest you check the files you have modified or added to see if they have the required license headers. If that doesn’t solve the issue, clone the openmrs-core and pull the latest changes. If still that fails, check if the OpenJDK you are using is compatible with the module you are trying to apply the changes.

I pray it works!