Compatibility with mysql5.7 with upgrade of mysql connector

Hello devs. I have been working on a ticket on one of our sprints…the ticket is The core is able to run well on mysql server 8 after I update the mysql connector but fails to update demo data with the following error log when I run it against mysql server 5.7 which is our current default… Any assistance on how to make the new update compatible with the current version (5.7) is highly welcome…I have little experience with liquibase @dkayiwa@mozzy@kjoseph

I’ve spent some time looking at this problem and believe there is an incompatibility (bug?) between the liquibase 2.0.5 condition for “foreignKeyConstraintExists”, MySql 5.7 and Connector 8.0.16. If you remove the first foreignKeyConstraintExists from the file it will fail on the next one. I recommend upgrading to Connector 5.1.47 instead. This works fine for both MySQL versions - how about you?

There is another ticket to upgrade liquibase that is underway : Perhaps once that ticket is completed we could try again.

I ran into this same problem this morning - I’m a new developer setting up my local dev environment for the first time. I’m using mysql version 5.6.46.

I followed @spaffrath’s recommendation to upgrade the mysql connector to 5.1.47 and the issue resolved itself completely. Thanks @spaffrath

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Did you got unblocked from running version 5.147 as suggested